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6 Hacks to Increase Your Websites Conversion

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For those of you who have started paying for web traffic, Congratulations!

The reason I say this is because it is a mindset shift that you would have taken at some stage. You are humble enough to know that even though your business is great and offers the best services or products around, it is a level playing field now and you need to do your bit to get found online.

So again, congratulations.

Now, for those of you who already have “some” traffic whether that’s via organic or paid ads (e.g. google ads, Facebook ads, Insta ads, LinkedIn etc.)

There are 6 basic things YOU can do or that you need to tell your developer/agency/friend/freelancer/best mate that will help those visitors who are on your site take a desired outcome. (Leads or Sales) 

1: Include Logos, Accreditations, Partnerships

Any of those logos look familiar? 

Do they put you at ease when you are whipping out your credit card? 

Subconsciously, they do. 

Which is why it is so important to include these. These logos, accreditations and partners give your end user a sense of trust which is the aim of the game at the end of the day. If they trust you, your brand, your product and services, they are that much more likely to take some sort of action.

Logos, Partners Prolific you

Tip 2: Call To Actions

This can be as simple as “Free Quote” or “Call now” but it is crucial you have this!

Matter of fact, this is where you need to get creative. Choose the right phrases as per your brand.

The right images, the right verbs, this is where you are wanting people to take action, so give them a reason to!

Let’s have a look at some great CTA’s (Call to Actions) on websites.

If you havent guessed it already. This is Netflix. Have a look how there is no other offer on this page, the desired action is for YOU to sign up.Notice the phrases and words that entice you more. (Watch anywhere, Cancel anytime) and then BAM, enter your email address.

Do you see how affective this is? 

Netflix Call To Action Example
Prolific you

Another top dog in the industry, Xero

They are addressing the problem as soon as you land on their website and provide you with a “Try for Free” or “Buy now” option tackling both audiences. The ready to buy customers, and the window shoppers.

Again, same objective (sign up), just two different audiences.

An Australian favourite I might say!

The one and only Dan Murphy’s.

Notice how they go in straight for the offer and want you to commit to this selection of products before anything else. As the owner of the website always give your audience a reason to buy and take action, in their case they are using a “3 day only offer” which can come in handy especially for my Ecommerce family out there. 

I will come back to this point in TIP 6!


Dan Murphy Call To Action Example

Tip 3: Provide Social Proof

Some see this as cliché and some don’t – the point is it works! And if it works – you should be doing it!

Examples of Social Proof you can include on your website: 

  • Client testimonials
  • Pictures of the team
  • Pictures of your office
  • Reviews online
  • Case studies
  • Before and Afters
  • Demo Products

Catch my drift? 

Tip 4: Less is more, declutter please!

I hope that video gave you an idea on what you can do.

Seriously, you need to declutter.

Less is more, and thats the truth!

Think of this from a user perspective and reverse engineer your desired action. I’m sure you would have noticed more often than not when you subscribe to something or need to register an account they have the option for logging in via Google, Facebook, Apple etc. The reason for this is simple! To make your life easier. There is no need to fill out all your details over and over again.

One click, thats all.

This is the objective you need to keep in mind.

For Ecommerce owners, the checkout process is crucial to your success and can dramatically help your conversion, so please pay close attention to it.

In summary:

  • no need for extra animations
  • simple one click buttons
  • minimal effort from your user (remember: we are all lazy!)
  • simple forms to fill out
  • optimise the checkout process! 

Tip 5: Mobile Responsive

Yes, we know. Why are we still talking about this now in 2020? 

Well, the truth is there are still people who are not capitalising on this! If your website is not mobile responsive you are already behind! So PLEASE get this sorted as a priority. 

Now, for those who have a mobile responsive website I want you to think of the human behaviour when we are on our phone. The natural tendency we have is to keep scrolling. It’s what we do on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, it doesn’t matter. We scroll! 

So now, take this into consideration when placing actionable items. How? 

  • Where should you place that “free quote” button ?
  • What should I put at the bottom of every page? 
  • Where is it most likely for people to click? 

Now, you might not know the right spots straight away but this is where testing comes into play. Don’t be afraid to try new things! Trial & Error. 


Tip 6: Fear of Loss Content

As soon as you see it, you will know what I’m talking about.

You would have seen it already. Scroll up to Tip 2 and revisit our dear friend Mr. Dan Murphy.

Notice how they give you the offer but place a sense of urgency on it. “3 days only!” 

The travel industry is notorious for this, just hop on and you will notice this every where! Or go on to any airline website and you will notice it. 

Have a look at the image on the left from in RED letters you have “Only 4 like this left on our site”

On the right you have Webjet, “Price Held 29 minutes remaining” 

You can use this so cleverly and create that sense of urgency, especially for Ecommerce to trigger that sale. 

Get creative within your space and speak to your digital agency or web design partner to get this incorporated on your site!

BookingFearofloss Prolific you
Prolific you

Tip 7: Bonus TIP! Use Data to Make Changes

This is for the ones who want to take this seriously, this is the first step you can take. There is software out there such as Hotjar which is basically a heat map tool showing you where people click, where they scroll, where they exit the page and all the analytics you need.

This data gathered over time is an absolute game changer! 

Just imagine if you knew exactly what your customers are doing when they land on your website and then you optimise it so that they are more likely to take a desired action? 

Sounds like a winner to me! 

If you want any guidance at all with any of the tips, we are always happy to guide you. Reach out to us and a member of our team will be in touch!

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