Dumbing down Digital Marketing in 2021!

Good News fellow reader! You’re either probably doing it already or have been on the other side of it, where you have been “digital marketed” to.

I’m going to assume you have used Social Media.

You have a Facebook account, an Instagram account, LinkedIn. You’ve heard of TikTok but haven’t dabbled into it yet, you watch random stuff on YouTube as well every now and then.

Now, what should you be doing as a business ?

It really does depend on your objective as a business. (I know this isn’t the answer you’re hoping for, but hear me out)

Majority of the businesses I deal with are small businesses, so I will be catering to small businesses here.

There are usually 2 things that small businesses come to me for:

  1. Increase in Leads
  2. Increase in Sales

If you are wanting to increase your leads & sales the general formula is the same.

  1. Capture attention
  2. Drive a desired outcome

This is literally digital marketing.

Think about it.

You’re a florist and you post a lovely picture of the flowers on Facebook saying you have an EOFY sale and they need to enter the code ‘EOFY’ on your website to claim this discount.

What you have really done is…

Post on Facebook with a nice message or picture (capture attention)

Tell your customers to use your discount count (desired outcome)

Do you see what I’m talking about?

Let’s use another scenario.

You’re at a networking event.

You speak to a couple people let them know what you do and what you help with (capture attention) and you hand them your name card to stay in touch (desired outcome)

Still not convinced?

How about another scenario?

You’re online looking to book your flights for your holiday.

*Pop up* You have 25 minutes to save $300 for your next holiday

Ever have that happen to you?


Well, lets break that down.

As the pop up appears (capture attention) you have 25 minutes to save $300 off (desired outcome)

I think you catch my drift by now.

Whatever technique you use, it always meets those two points.

  1. Capture attention
  2. Drive a desired outcome

So the next time you create content think about how you are going to capture attention.

Whether that’s through a funny visual, bright colours, story-telling, blogs, videos, the list goes ON!

Remember the steps, capture attention, drive a desired outcome.

Keep reading on the next posts as I go into how this works for the most common tactics in the Digital Marketing space.

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