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5 ECommerce Image Tips to Increase Conversion

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We all know how important images are when we shop online. But are you putting in the same amount of effort with your own ECommerce business? 

Are you investing in your images? 

Are you taking the right shots? 

Optimising them for high conversion? 

You have done all the hard work of starting your business. Finding the right product(s), sourcing them, packaging them and giving them all the TLC they deserve.

But at the end of the day, what matters is how your customers see your product. Does it sell? Does it capture their attention? 

Tip 1: Use a sweep

What is a sweep? 

It’s that plain subtle background you see on images or videos when content is created. It allows your products to be shot with consistency and keeps it professional. 

I always recommend a white sweep to start with as it doesn’t matter what theme or colour your website is, white always fits and keeps it clean. 

You can DIY your sweep if you want as well, check out how to take beautiful products for your store here.

Tip 2: Differentiate! Stand out.

You must be thinking  “this aint a tip, I want tips, not just some generic advice”. 

But I really mean it. Differentiate! 

Let me break it down for you. 

If you are selling a rather common product, let’s say socks, diapers, candles, office supplies, kids toys, etc. You have a lot of competition. 

It’s not about the best product anymore. 

It’s about the product yes, but the price, the features, and the fact that you also need to be found! 

You need to think that your customer will be comparing you to your competitor. The question is, how will you compare to your competitor? 

Here’s a way to get in your customers head. 

Place your image and your competitors side by side and ask yourself, “which one stands out more?” Better yet, ask someone who wont be bias. Ask a friend, some randoms, family and just get their opinion.

If your image comes out on top 9/10 times, fantastic. If it doesn’t or its a split, get back to the drawing board. 

The good news is that you can differentiate just by your images. Whether it’s an action shot with a model, the background, the different angles. 

Really, think and figure out what are your customers going to think when they look at your product image and your competitors. 

Make sure you come out on top! 

Tip 3: Sizing of your images

This is a crucial step and is often over looked.

  • Reduce the size of your images! (the smaller the image the faster your site loads, which helps with conversion.)
    • You can use tools like Canva and PicMonkey to do this without the need of Adobe photoshop.
    • If you don’t believe me, Check out how one second could cost them a BILLION dollars! 
  •  A good standard to go by is 70kb in size (if possible). It will be a challenge, but try to keep them as low as possible for the speed of the site. It’s a fine line between quality and speed!
  • Keep the dimensions consistent and make sure they fit the container of the space perfectly. e.g take all pictures as a sqaure 1024 x 1024 px so they all look the same. However, if you know the exact size of the container make sure it uses up all that real estate! 

Tip 4: Save your images with a filename, not random crap!

Prolific You
Prolific You

You know when you take an image on your phone and it saves the date and the image number and the davinci code jumbled up all together! (image on the left)

No need for that! 

Make sure you change your image name from IMG2219_11.47pm_screenshot to what you actual image is describing (image on the right)

Yes it is extra work, but it helps the Google bots verify the image and also improves your SEO.

You’re welcome!

Tip 5: Set Alt tags!

This is very similar to Tip 4, but going the extra step. 

Now that you have named your image, you need to name the image within the code as well.

Moz, covers this brilliantly in this post here if you are ready to dive into alt tags.  

As described by Moz, there are 3 main reasons you need to do this.

  1. It helps the visually impaired to understand the image when using screen readers so it puts things into context
  2. If the image is unable to load, this alt text will be displayed
  3. Helps with your overall SEO as it allows bots to index the image based off its description. 


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