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(2020 Edition) Shopify vs WordPress (WooCommerce)? Which ECommerce Platform should you be on?

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Shopify or WordPress ? Which platform should you choose for ECommerce ?

Shopify vs WordPress! 

So by now, you have already decided that you are ECommerce ready, or you already have an established business and have decided to make the transition online. Congratulations! Welcome, to a whole new ecosystem where opportunities and problems await! 

That’s business, right? 

Next question is, “Build a website with Shopify? Or build a website with WordPress?” 

If you are in this conundrum, it’s OK! You are on the right post.

If you are in the research phase, this post will also help you as we will unpack a few things for each of the platforms to help you make your decision and ultimately tell you what we feel is the winner as well.

Which one costs more? Shopify vs WordPress

Ah, pricing. The ultimate make or break factor of any buying decison making process. Or is it? 

Well,  let’s get to it. 

We’ll start off with WordPress pricing. It is free. 

Thats right, you heard me.  FREE!

So its a no brainer right? WordPress all the way! I guess…

However, that is not the case. Even though WordPress is free, it gets a little bit more complicated than that.

The software as a whole is free. But you need to do the ground work. You need to install it, find the right design or theme. Potentially source a designer. Then you will need someone to actually build the site based off the design, find a hosting company that will manage your website and keep it secure, make sure the right integrations and plugins are installed, payment gateways work, databases, and the list goes on! 

In summary, all this takes money. 

Now, with Shopify. It is not free, but rightly so.

What Shopify has done, is they have built an all in one solution within their own ‘ecosystem’ 

The pricing varies as they have several tiers. To view the official price have a look here. 

Now, with Shopify the framework of ECommerce is already built within it. From themes to choose from, third party integrations, security, payment gateways, automation, marketing tools, all available within their ecosystem. You don’t need to worry about finding a hosting company, they take care of that. You could even build the store yourself without any knowledge of coding! 

Conclusion: It really does determine on your businesses goals. How complex it needs to be. Both of them can do the job, it is up to you as the business owner to decide if Shopify or WordPress is worth the investment?

Regardless, if you engage a professional to do either, the costing will be around the same. What you need to think about is the future of your ECommerce goals.

What if my business grows and I need to integrate with other software?

Can I afford to have a team for support? 

How much does it mean to me that my customers get the best user experience possible? 

What if I don’t like the platform? What can I do then? 

At the end of the day, the choice is ultimately yours. 

*If you feel you have a unique situation and need to discuss Shopify vs WordPress details. Shoot us an email with the subject “Shopify vs WordPress” and our team will be more than happy to help! 


I already have a WordPress site. Should I still consider Shopify?

If you are considering your Ecommerce business on WordPress it is definitely doable and yes, you should most definitely consider it.

If you already have a WordPress site and you are just curious to see how your ECommerce career kicks off, stick with WordPress and just add on the plugin WooCommerce. This will allow you to instantly have the ECommerce functionality within WordPress without you denting your wallet. 

However, if you have been in business for a while your WordPress site is ticking along and you are just curious. I would highly suggest that you make the switch to Shopify. Everything, WordPress can do, Shopify can do. If your current site has standard shopping features and customisations, the transition will be smooth. If you have a bit more of a complex ECommerce site, it is still possible to do, however it will need to be done by a Shopify Expert who can help with migrations to ensure a smooth transition within the platforms. 

At some stage within your WordPress ECommerce journey, I am sure you have had some sort of a glitch. This is not to say it wont happen with Shopify, but it really depends on how it is built by each developer, agency, freelancer, or team. The fact that WordPress is an open source platform is its weakness as well. There is no standard to its build which is why Shopify’s all in one solution is taking over the ECommerce industry by the horns. 


If I don't have a website yet, where should I start?

Simple answer, Shopify. 

You will be on the platform that people are trying to switch to from the get go. Scale your business with all the support Shopify offers. Integrate the right apps from the beginning and start your ECommerce journey, miles ahead from others. 

I'm still confused, I'm not sure I understand the difference.

Think of it this way.

You are going to go out for a hot date and need to choose your outfit to impress. 

Shopify is the equivalent of walking into a department store. 

You walk in, have your different styles, your different brands, different price ranges, basically everything you could ever want is within it. From underwear to double vested suits. You go get your hair done, pick up a suit, get it tailored, have a coffee and off you go. 

WordPress on the other hand is going to a few different places to get your final look. You go to the textile shop and get the best fabric for your suit. You then go to a boutique to buy yourself some shoes. You go to the tailor and get your suit fitted perfectly. You then need to see a stylist to make sure your look matches your style. You go see a barber and get your hair done and now you are ready to impress. 

Do you see the difference? Catch the drift yet? 

Both will allow you to get the final outcome. Both can perform at the same level. 

The decision is ultimately yours and what you value as a business owner. 

Our Choice?

Shopify, all day long.

The seamless integrations, the support, the ability to scale, and the continuous growth of the company makes them a beast in the industry. It really does not matter how big or small you are, Shopify has genuinely catered for everyone within their business lifecycle. From enterprise multi million dollar firms to your very first side hustle. 

We love working with them and will continue to do so to serve our clients where we feel the most impact will be made.

We have a few FAQ’s on Shopify you can refer to as well if needed! 

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